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"Our destiny is never
a place, but a new way
of looking at things"
"Our destiny is never
a place, but a new way
of looking at things"
"Our destiny is never
a place, but a new way
of looking at things"
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GOOD TRIPS PERU S.A.C. is a tourism company with more than 8 years of experience, offering different alternatives to visit the city of CUZCO and the wonderful, Machu Picchu, wonder of the world, as well as other attractions and national and international destinations. Our priority is the customer, providing you the best service of quality and thus achieve that your stay is really unforgettable being our main objectives it security and comfort in them different services granted to achieve our end last that is the satisfaction of the customer. Search for weaknesses in enterprise and market and turn them into opportunities and strengths are strategies that characterize us.


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Tours Cusco

Lost city of the Incas

The origins of the Cusco is lost in the night of the times. Excavations archaeological us make know that the Valley Cusco (except your Fund, then marshy) already was inhabited by settlers primitive makes near three millennia.Towards the century XII, emerged of them waters of the Lake Titicaca, Manco Capac and his sister and wife Mama Ocllo, demigods e children of the father Inti (the God Sun), with the Mission of founding a new United so improve them conditions of life of them peoples.

Tours Puno

Lake titicaca full of history

The spirit of the man Peruvian, sculpted by the art and the religion, has given place to a gap creative that arises in a variety infinite of forms, rhythms and rituals. Year after year, more than 3,000 festivals popular, 1,500 styles musical and a myriad of Arts and trades confirm that the Peru is the home of one of them legacies folk more varied of the world.

Tours Tambopata

Tour in the jungle of Peru

Peru and Cuzco, undoubtedly is one of the world’s major destinations for lovers of nature and biodiversity. Blessed with ocean more rich of the world, vast unexplored Amazonian forests and the highest tropical mountain range on Earth.

Manu Reserve

Peruvian Flora and Fauna

With a little more than 10% of all species of plants and animals on Earth and a surprisingly diverse range of climates and ecosystems, the Peru has become a modern Noah Ark for nature lovers who, along with students from around the world, visit the Peru to acquire new knowledge and know the unique varieties.

Tours Bolivia

Great Adventures in Bolivia

Bolivia has a great diversity of peoples and ethnic groups, each with different cultures, traditions and customs overtime, represented in dance, music, food, clothing, religious festivals and folk tickets majestic like carnival of Oruro and Great Power. also has pre-Hispanic treasures such as Tiwanaku, Samaipata, and the most important archaeological sites in every corner of Bolivia. We can´t  forget our colonial churches in Potosi and La Paz. Visit Bolivia the country that still retains its living culture.

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