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"Our destiny is never
a place, but a new way
of looking at things"
"Our destiny is never
a place, but a new way
of looking at things"
"Our destiny is never
a place, but a new way
of looking at things"
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About Puno


The Department of Puno is one of the 24 departments of the Peru.

Is located in the plateau of the Collao, the more high of the Andes of South America. Has a relief plane, in an altitude of nearly 4,000 meters above sea level. Limits to the North with Madre de Dios; to the East with Bolivia; to the South with Tacna; to the West with Moquegua, Arequipa and Cusco. His appearance is the of a vast plain cover of pastures or grasslands, in whose horizon emerge some snowy.

He Department of Puno is composed by the following provinces: Puno, Azangaro, Carabaya, Chucuito, he Collao, Huancane, Lampa, Melgar, rust, San Antonio of Putina, San Roman, watermelon, Yunguyo.



The city of Puno is cold weather and dry semis. The season of rains it starts in October and concludes in April. The average annual maximum temperature is 14.4 ° C (57.9 ° F) and the minimum 2.6 ° C (36.7 ° F).



The dishes typical of the Department of Puno is the chairo, soup made of meat of lamb; fricassee, made with pork and mote (boiled big corn) which is recommended to eat when it is very hot; thimpo, dish made of lamb or fish carachi (of the species Oresteia spp.), and the very nutritious fish, with quinoa, cheese and eggs.



The Peru as well know has a series of provinces and cities, all very attractive for the tourist, and different among themselves. He day of today will travel towards an of them areas more southern of the country, the Department of Puno, a province that astonishes to them travelers by its charming and rich folklore, a place that seems have been extracted of any fable Inca, in where the tradition of its people is represents artistically in hundreds of types of dances different that is can observe today in their parties and festivities.

With regularity is often perform this type of celebrations throughout the year, and almost all them presented themes religious, full of a last colonial Christian that is mix with them traditions pagan indigenous. Of this way, the festivities of Puno pay tribute both to them images Holy of the religion Christian as to them gods of it time Inca.

Although is knows that Puno has over 350 dances registered, their expressions music is distributed in several types, here you will give all a brief list of them dances more known of the Department of Puno. We can define to the dances native or native where stand out those farmers; Llameritos or the dance of flames breeders, who dance simulating the passage of these Andean cameloids; Carnival of Capullani; Pinquilladas; Sicuris, a dance ceremonial of origin of the time Inca very danced by the Aymara; Vicunitas, Unu boxes, Mallku Condoriri, known as the dance of the condor sitting, among many others.

We also have dance of lights, beautiful and colorful costumes, by the way; where are the morenadas or dance of the blacks that has hundreds of years and remains one of the most popular and colorful; and the famous them diabladas, the same name it says is a dance that plays to the be evil andino, the devil. It’s a dance religious, precious, where recreates a choreographic spectacle, considered a ballet of the people by the number of interpreters, colorful clothing and the perfection of his choreography.

If not Puno know it, in addition to their typical dance has much to offer for you to enjoy a full and satisfying trips. For example, can visit to the greater Lake navigable of the world, the Titicaca, visit ruins of it culture Tiahuanaco that is posed in the area makes thousands of years, go them varied places high plateau or attend to it more famous party popular of all, that today is recognized as heritage cultural of the Peru, the Virgin of the Candelaria, that is celebrates in the month of February.



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